Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tres Gringos (Airport Eatery)

Tres Gringos, Gate 12, Mineta San Jose International Airport, 1701 Airport Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95110
Date: 7 Nov 11
Meal: Breakfast
Cost (Value): $$ (2)
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I thought I'd add a general discussion in each post from here on out, as well as an "I ordered" section, in addition to just the "Good" and "Bad" sections that I've used in previous posts... Sometimes there's things to talk about that aren't really good or bad, they just are. So, here goes...

General: Never let it be said that I don't review EVERY Mexican food restaurant at which I eat. I know an airport eatery isn't readily accessible to everyone looking for a quick dinner, but it meets the criteria for my blog (Mexican restaurant near the Central Cali Coast), so I subjected it to scrutiny.  If you're stuck in the airport waiting for a flight and are craving a good taco, seeing an eatery like this in the terminal is the answer to your prayers. Unfortunately, Tres Gringos will still leaving you wanting a good taco. It is worth mentioning, this review is ONLY for the airport eatery, and NOT for the Tres Gringos Baja Cantina located at 83 South 2nd Street, San Jose, CA.

I ordered: Carnitas street tacos, with chips and salsa.

Good: One of the best things that can be said about Tres Gringos is that it is convenient; if you are waiting for a flight, you can easily pop in for a bite (my gate happened to be right near Gate 12). I ate there at breakfast time, but they had their entire menu available, which is kind of unique.  The chips were tasty and the salsa served with them was surprisingly spicy (I like my salsa to burn my face off, and it wasn't on that scale, but it would be okay for the average Joe).  And, the waiter asked me if I'd like some more salsa, which was good service.

Bad:  The chips and salsa were not free (which is a pet peeve of mine), but that is to be expected at the airport, I guess. Of far more concern was the lack of overall value on the menu, which is also to be expected at an airport, but I don't have to like it! Each of my street tacos were small (as street tacos often are), but cost $4+ apiece.  This was particularly unfortunate since the carnitas tasted a little "off," and although they were topped with onion and cilantro, that usual winning combination contributed little to the taste.  Further, the corn tortillas around my tacos did not appear that they had so much as touched a grill and appeared straight out of the package.  Overall, the fare was very disappointing.

Overall (for the airport location): 

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